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Workload automation helps move 3.5MM tons of air cargo annually

  • Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (HACTL)

    400-850 jobs

    handled daily

  • Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (HACTL)


    customer reports automated

  • Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (HACTL)

    Fast, efficient

    batch processing

Business Challenge

A key player in the logistics business in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl) provides ground handling services for 100+ airlines and 1,000+ freight forwarders worldwide.  The IT environment handles more than one million transactions daily and enables 4,000 users to monitor the progress of cargo, documentation, and customs clearance. Hactl needed a workload automation strategy that would keep mission-critical data flowing through systems, enabling the company to manage cargo in the smartest possible way.

BMC Solution

On a typical day, Control-M manages 400 production tasks, and the daily peak can reach 850. The solution empowers the staff to schedule jobs across the enterprise and gain visibility into the ownership of each job.

Business Impact

The BMC solutions streamline and automate a broad range of batch processing tasks, such as moving data associated with completed cargo jobs from the online database to the historical database and preparing reports for clients.

  • Efficient, reliable batch processes keep air cargo management, internal cargo handling, and vehicle information systems updated to facilitate cargo tracking.
  • Event-based scheduling begins the next job in a series as soon as the preceding one is finished, ensuring maximum efficiency and shortening the batch completion time.
  • Batch monitoring, problem alerts, problem diagnosis and remediation are centralized, providing an enterprise level view of systems, with every job handled by a single operator.
  • Approximately 150 customer reports are typically completed by 5:00 am each day, two hours ahead of the 7:00 am deadline.

“The business challenge is that we are facing a more competitive environment and need to run the terminal very efficiently and securely. Security is a particular focus since 9/11, and it has significantly increased the workloads associated with cargo handling due to the need for elevated security processes such as cargo X-ray screening.”

— Cindy Ng, General Manager Information Services, Hactl.

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Acelere a disponibilização de serviços digitais com um gerenciamento de batch workload simples e unificado

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Visão geral da solução Control-M