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Remedy AR System 9.0: Administering

This five-day course will focus on four main Remedy Administrator responsibilities: Planning, Administrative Options, Configuring, and Troubleshooting. Students will gain hands-on experience with the AR System Administrative Console and Mid-Tier Configuration Tool.

This course is applicable to Remedy OnDemand and OnPremise customers. The intended audience is someone who has used BMC Remedy AR System and has a basic understanding of its architecture. New administrators are encouraged to take the BMC Remedy AR System 9.0: Concepts course to learn the basic concepts and language of BMC Remedy AR System.

Included in this course is the optional examination for BMC Accredited Administrator: BMC Remedy AR System 9.0.

Major release:

Remedy AR System 9.x

Good for:


Course Delivery:

Instructor-Led | 40.00 hours

Course Modules

  • Introducing the Remedy AR System
    • Architectural Design
    • Capabilities of BMC Remedy AR System
    • Identify Components
    • Installation Tips
  • Access Control
    • Understanding the access control model
    • Explain row-level access
    • Setting permission levels for Developer Studio
  • Data
    • Auditing and Archiving
    • Form Properties
    • Atrium Integrator
    • BMC Data Import Tool
    • Exporting Definition files
  • Full Text Search
    • Advantages of FTS
    • Updates to FTS - Remedy 9
  • User Preferences
    • Common User Preferences
    • Logging from the Mid-Tier Client (active links, database)
  • Components
    • Examining ar.cfg
    • Centralized Configuration
    • Components (armonitor, plug-ins
    • External utilities (arreload, arcache)
  • Licensing
    • License Types
    • Submitter Modes
    • License Report
    • License Review
  • Mid-Tier Configuration
    • Common configuration changes
    • Mid-Tier Object List
    • AR Server settings
  • Server Configuration
    • Common configuration changes
    • Ports, queues, and threads
  • Diagnostic Tools
    • Server logs (Filter, Archive, plug-in, DSO, API, SQL)
    • Call Home feature
    • Log filtering
    • Examining log files
    • Out-of-memory exceptions
    • Email Engine logs
    • arexecption logs
    • Troubleshooting performance
    • Always-on Logging
  • BMC Support Tools
    • Using BMC Support Knowledge Base
    • Using the BMC Solution and Product Availability and Compatibility Utility (SPAC)
  • Error Messages
    • De-code common error messages