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Setor de TI digital da BMC chega a 82% das empresas da Fortune 500

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O BMC Discovery, anteriormente ADDM, é uma solução de gerenciamento de empresas digitais que automatiza a descoberta de ativos e o mapeamento da dependência de aplicativos para desenvolver uma visão holística de todos os seus ativos de data center e as relações entre eles.

Live Webinar / Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 12:00 PM CST

IT Security Report 2017

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Quatro formas de utilizar os benefícios do Discovery

Get instant access to configuration data from any device.

Service Management

Ensure business users can access the applications and services they need, when they need them.

  • Improve Change Advisory Board efficiency with trusted data for impact analysis
  • Validate change execution and expose unapproved changes
  • Prioritize and route tickets based on an application's business impact
  • Reduce MTTR (mean time to recovery) with accurate data for root cause analysis
  • Identify infrastructure weak points to stay ahead of problems
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Gain credibility with greater efficiency.

Operations Management

According to the IT Process Institute, "80% of unplanned outages are due to ill-planned changes made by administrators ('operations staff') or developers." BMC Discovery provides needed visibility by feeding the list of assets, their business context, and their dependencies into performance and availability dashboards.

  • Plan for digital transformation
  • Identify shadow or unused infrastructure to recoup license and maintenance costs
  • Eliminate manual efforts to collect configuration data
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Map applications based on the information you know.

Application Management

BMC Discovery always looks everywhere, so it sees systems and their dependencies from all points of view, across the whole IT estate. The depth of information gives you the context needed to map an application from any piece of information about it.

  • Map applications based on the information you know, regardless of your IT function
  • Eliminate mapping roadblocks and one-way dependency models inherent in top-down discovery tools
  • Have a single source for your application dependency documentation
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Reduce risk exposure with rapid detection and prevention.

Security Operations (SecOps)

It takes an enterprise up to 176 days on average to patch security problems. With BMC Discovery, IT and data center managers can analyze the assets from multiple views to identify what systems or applications are affected or vulnerable to an attack.

  • Document inventory for compliance requirements
  • Identify servers that could be back door entry points
  • Understand the business impact of a threat and which assets may be affected
  • Control configuration access rights, encryption, and depth of discovery actions
  • Combine with BladeLogic Threat Director to create a remediation plan for previously unknown vulnerability access points
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