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BMC Client Management 12.x: Fundamentals for Administrators – Part 2

This 2-day instructor led course provides the knowledge and critical skills necessary to administer BMC Client Management, with major focus placed upon Patch Management, Compliance Management, and Queries and Reporting capabilities.

This course is designed for beginner BMC Client Management administrators who want to learn how to package and deploy system patches, monitor compliance using compliance rules, and extract useful information from the system using queries and reporting capabilities. Students will learn in a fast-paced environment created to transfer the maximum amount of Client Management expertise in a minimum amount of time.

Major release:

BMC Helix Client Management 12.x

Good for:

Administrators, Architects

Course Delivery:

Instructor Led | 16 hours

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Queries and Reporting
    • Out of the Box Queries
    • Free Queries
    • Examples of Commonly-Built Queries
    • Use Queries to Build Device Groups
    • Query Best Practices
    • Review of Results Generation
  • Module 2: Patch Management
    • Patching Basics
    • Review Patch Manager Configuration
    • Patch Knowledge Base Review
    • Patch Knowledge Base Parameters
    • Review Supported Product Families
    • Review Patch Scanning Process
    • Review Patch Inventory Data and Usage
    • Patch Deployment Philosophies
    • Patch Reporting
    • Generating Out of the Box Reports
    • Mac OS Patching
  • Module 3: Compliance Management
    • Compliance Rule Concepts
    • What is a Compliance Rule?
    • How Does Device Compliance Work?
    • Creating a Constant
    • Creating a Compliance Rule Using a Constant
    • Assigning a Compliance Rule to a Device Group
    • Unassigning a Compliance Rule from a Device Group
    • Reevaluating Members of a Device Group
  • Module 4: SCAP Compliance
    • About SCAP Compliance in BCM
    • Compliance Components
    • Common Use Cases of SCAP
    • Compliance Licenses
    • Compliance Capabilities and Access Rights
    • Defining SCAP Compliance Alerts
    • SCAP Packages General Data