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TrueSight Server Automation 8.x: Advanced Administering (ASP)

TrueSight Server Automation is a leading platform for managing, controlling, and enforcing configuration changes in the data center. This course is designed for administrators responsible for administering and maintaining the TrueSight Server Automation (TSSA) environment.

Students will learn how to plan and scale the TSSA environment using best practice techniques; plan and apply best practice techniques to security and access management; perform application release management; configure a PXE-based provisioning solution using TSSA, and use NSH scripts and the BladeLogic Command Line Interface (BLCLI). Students will also use TSSA to manage an ESX server and perform administration for TrueSight Smart Reporting, the reporting tool used with TSSA.

Major release:

TrueSight Server Automation 8.x

Good for:

Consultant, Developers

Course Delivery:

Assisted Self-Paced | 40 hours

Course Modules

  • TSSA Security
    • Defining TSSA Authentication
    • Working with RBAC Manager
    • Working with Agent ACLs, Permissions, and Object access
    • Working with ACL Templates and ACL Policies
    • Identifying Security Best Practice Recommendations
  • TSSA PXE-based Provisioning
    • Provisioning Overview
    • Configuring PXE-based Provisioning
    • Creating System Packages
    • Creating a Provisioning Job
    • Windows Provisioning
  • TSSA Scripts
    • Working TSSA Scripts
    • Scripting Syntax
    • Working with Scripts and Extended Objects
    • Working with NSH Script Jobs
  • BMC Live Reporting
    • Administration Console
    • Administration Console: Main Panel Items
    • Administration Console: Configuration and Administration Options
    • Administration Console: Configuration Options
    • Adding Dashboards to Live reporting