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MainView for Networks

MainView for Networks

Simplify network management and automation

With MainView for Networks, you have total visibility and control over your mainframe network resources to resolve problems before they can impact your digital business. This solution is easy to implement and intuitive to use. You can:

  • Proactively monitor the network to pinpoint problems before users are impacted.
  • Increase system availability by monitoring, managing, and taking action automatically.
  • Streamline network management to automatically initiate action when necessary.
  • Utilize exclusive technology to ensure critical workloads are completed on time.

Proactively prevent costly mainframe network problems and traffic jams

Quickly resolve network problems arising from connectivity issues with the monitoring and management tools in MainView for Networks. The solution provides detailed real-time and historical reporting on critical metrics and is tightly integrated with automation for rapid problem remediation.

Comprehensive data

Get easy access to data on every aspect of your mainframe networks—TCP/IP, SNA, and VTAM resources and sessions.

Intelligent trace analyzer

Take the guesswork out of network performance issues and see packet trace analysis with problems highlighted for faster problem resolution without leaving MainView.

Allow workload preferences

Ensure that workloads critical to business services are completed on time with the ability to control the pace of your TCP/IP traffic.

Manage VTAM

Take control of the performance and availability of VTAM sessions and resources, including TN3270 session analysis and commands for VTAM resources.

Easy-to-implement automation

Detect and resolve network problems before they impact the business, with efficient rules-based codeless automation that doesn’t require manual REXX coding.

Common modern user interface

Enjoy the convenience of a modern mainframe-based customizable graphic interface that provides a single view and control for all MainView products.

Dynamic adjustments based on self-learning

Set intelligent dynamic thresholds based on current information as well as business cycles.

Holistic view

Use real-time and historical data to build analytical reports.

Resource availability

Automatically start key network resources to minimize application outages and improve availability.

Automatic data collection

Out-of-the-box smart alarms automatically start and stop collection of diagnostic data for rapid problem remediation.

Encrypted technologies

Diagnose and resolve problems with SNMP 3 and IPSEC environments.

Support for common trace analysis

Support for Wireshark® enables both mainframe and distributed network professionals to use a common trace analysis tool.

Cost-effective, intuitive mainframe network management

  • Understand your network health with out-of-the-box dashboards that highlight hardware availability (OSA cards, ports, IP addresses, FTP) and top 10 users by connections, links, and applications.
  • One hundred percent of data collection is eligible for zIIP offload, reducing MLC costs.
  • Easily and accurately change TC/IP configurations without the need to know complex syntax, mitigating risk and enhancing ease of use.

Products included in this solution

The MainView for Networks solution is made up of the following products, which work together to keep all aspects of your mainframe networks healthy and productive while optimizing and reducing mainframe costs.

  • MainView for IP

    MainView for IP minimizes the risks associated with network delays and aids in problem-solving by providing detailed statistics about TCP/IP stacks, routers, connections and devices. Using exception reporting techniques, MainView for IP provides proactive alert notifications to help you meet your SLAs. In addition to improved diagnostics with TCP/IP and VTAM tracing, this product also delivers real time and historical reporting to minimize future problems. MainView for IP also eases the load on your CPs by offloading onto IBM zIIPs. With MainView for IP, your z/OS network administrators will have a better understanding of the performance and availability of their applications, transactions, and communications connections.

    This product is available as a part of the following offerings: MainView for Networks-pt

Leverage a complete network management solution