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Sky Italia drives customer engagement with Control-M orchestration

90% faster

winner selection

3X increase

in weekly online contests

Near zero

risk of human error


As a customer-centric organization, Sky Italia is always looking for innovative technologies to make the customer experience unique.

The Challenge

To profitably reach its goals, Sky needed to put in place an operating model that would provide new levels of automation, speed, agility, efficiency, and stability for its business processes, especially the critical ones. One such example is the winner selection process for its Sky Extra voting contests. This process is fundamental to the company’s revenue and reputation.

For some of its most popular shows, such as X Factor, 4 Restaurants, and Uomo Partita (Man of the Match), Sky promotes online national contests that allow Sky Extra subscribers to vote for their preferred artists through a decoder or the Sky App, and enter a contest for a prize drawing. Sky’s customers love these contests, especially when exciting prizes are at stake.

The Solution

Sky redesigned critical business services and implemented new workflows with automation provided by Control-M. This resulted in tangible process acceleration, improved governance, and higher quality output at a lower cost. Before Sky leveraged Control-M to automate the process, it took days to execute voting contests. Steps were performed manually, with significant additional checks to avoid human error, and it was difficult for Sky to comply with strict legal contest criteria or communicate with Italy’s Ministry officials and business partners about contest winner selection.

The Results

With Control-M, Sky can execute the winner selection process in near real-time. All contest entries and the information needed for participant validation are orchestrated through Control-M, which manages the communication and data flow between the internal and external partners responsible for all aspects of the contests.

After implementing Control-M, Sky has improved:

  • Speed and agility – the process is 90% faster. What took three days now takes just two hours. Customers are more engaged, as the winner is selected faster, and Sky now launches three contests each week, versus one.
  • Operational risk and compliance management – the risk of errors has been reduced to near-zero, guaranteeing higher service quality, better service level agreements, and cost savings, with no additional checks.

“What took 3 days now takes just 2 hours. Customers are more engaged, as the winner is selected faster.”

— Sky Italia

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