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Control-M helps you speed up and simplify application delivery, improve SLAs, and manage the behind-the-scenes data and applications that batch jobs require. Orchestrate application workflows from mainframe to cloud, so your jobs get delivered on time, every time.

Automating workloads is easy

View, automate, and manage your batch workflows and file transfers from a single view.

  • Provide users self-service access via web and mobile app
  • Automate data workflows with native integrations
  • Enable DevOps collaboration with Jobs-as-Code
  • Deploy Control-M from mainframe to cloud and in hybrid environments
  • Automate conversions from existing schedulers and scripts
Automating workloads is easy with Control-M

Orchestrate application workflows with speed, flexibility, and reliability

Accelerate delivery of business services

Accelerate delivery of hybrid-cloud business services

Supporting business services with multiple automation solutions, scripts, and manual intervention is costly and involves unnecessary risk. With Control-M you can:

  • Support both business users and IT with a single point of control for all application, data, and infrastructure workflows
  • Reduce business service risk and remediation costs by removing point products and eliminating manual work
  • Maintain regulatory compliance by ensuring all users have the appropriate access to application workflows

Deliver better business services faster

Accelerate delivery of services to your business

Improve staff productivity and business support and elevate business service performance with time-saving features for schedulers, operators, developers, and users. With Control-M you can:

  • Support business needs and operational requirements for both new and existing technologies with a single solution
  • Speed time-to-market by supporting agile development pipelines
  • Reduce downtime risk and costs of business interruption with automated remediation and predictive run-time tracking
  • Provide anytime, anywhere access to all users with role-specific interfaces

Getting started with Control-M is easy