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Automated Mainframe Intelligence (AMI) solutions from BMC draw on decades of expertise and innovation to leverage AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics to achieve a self-managing mainframe.

Key elements of a self-managing mainframe

A truly self-managing mainframe isn’t just a patchwork of individual solutions. You need an end-to-end solution that is easy to implement and includes:

  • Multivariate analysis applied simultaneously across multiple data sources to track anomalies
  • Predictive analytics driven by pattern analysis algorithms that detect anomalies and analyze their impact
  • Root-cause analysis enabled by rapid problem determination based on machine learning
  • Prescribed remediation based on prevailing conditions and events
  • Intelligent automation to keep the environment running securely and at peak efficiency
  • Built-in domain expertise so you can track the right KPIs without relying on in-house technical skills that might be scarce

Achieve a self-managing mainframe with BMC AMI solutions

Automatically protect, detect, and respond to threats on your mainframe

BMC AMI Security

Secure your most valuable IT asset and deliver on growing compliance requirements.

  • Integrate with leading SIEM systems for real-time visibility
  • Get actionable intelligence for incident responders
  • Alerts, audits, and reporting help address compliance mandates

Faster and more reliable application deployment on your mainframe

BMC AMI Devops for Db2

Automatically integrate mainframe database changes into your agile application development process.

  • Provide self-service for application developers
  • Improve the quality and efficiency of Db2 schema changes
  • Mitigate risk through fully audited and transparent automation

See around the corner to detect and solve problems before they impact your business

BMC AMI for Systems

Exploit intelligent automation to deliver on the promise of a self-managing mainframe.

  • Improve performance and availability with highly efficient resource usage
  • Detect and resolve problems quickly using intelligent, proactive automation
  • Increase staff efficiency with central administration

Optimize hardware and software costs to increase the value of the mainframe

BMC AMI for Cost

Implement a continuous, structured approach to achieve and maintain the lowest possible costs regardless of pricing model.

  • Provide analytics, insight, and control over cost drivers
  • Predict and provide "what-if” analysis of future costs and workloads
  • Empower early-in-career staff with cost intelligence
  • Intelligently automate changes in workloads

Start implementing Automated Mainframe Intelligence today