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BMC AMI Ops Monitor for CICS® 7.x: Fundamentals for Resources and Operations (WBT)

The BMC AMI Ops for CICS® solution helps system programmers manage their IBM CICS environment by providing visibility and panel-driven, rules-based automation around transaction performance and availability.

The BMC AMI Ops Monitor for CICS (also referred to as BMC AMI OpsM for CICS) product is a part of the BMC AMI Ops for CICS solution. It uses real-time data to show the performance of CICS regions. The BMC AMI Ops Monitor for CICS data collectors sample and measure system workloads or system resources at intervals that you define. This course provides the essential knowledge required to work on CICS systems.

Note: BMC AMI Ops Monitor for CICS was formerly known as MainView for CICS.

Major release:

BMC AMI Ops 7.x

Good for:

Administrators, Operators, System Programmers

Course Delivery:

Web Based Training (WBT) | 4 hours

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Monitoring and CICS Overview
    • Basics of Monitoring
    • Types of Monitoring
    • Introduction to BMC AMI Ops Monitoring
    • Monitoring Centralized Architecture
    • Key features
    • Benefits
    • BMC Monitoring areas
    • Views and Screens
    • User Interfaces
    • Help
    • BMC AMI Ops Metrics
    • Response to Metrics
    • BMC AMI Ops Connectivity and Integration
    • OpsM for CICS Key Architectural Features
    • OpsMC Metrics from Views
    • OpsMC Metrics from Monitors
    • OpsMC Key features
  • Module 3: CICS Region Information
    • Region views
    • CREGDETL View
    • Subpool Display
    • Region Storage
    • Problem Summary View
    • CICS Region status
    • DBCTL, Db2, and MQ Status
    • Delay analysis views
    • Region Menu
    • CREGION view
    • Summary by MVS View
    • 2 Hour Analysis View
    • DSA Utilization
    • TD Queue Usage View
    • Temporary Storage Usage
    • Temporary Storage Statistics
    • Region System Settings
    • Storage and Facilities View
    • Initializations Parameters
    • SIT Menu
    • CICS Web Interface
    • Feature Toggles
  • Module 4: Task Monitoring
    • Individual Task Monitoring
    • Task Views
    • EZ Task menu
    • Current Tasks
    • User Tasks
    • Real-time Task Monitoring
    • Operator Commands on a Task View
    • CICS Detail Task Menu
    • Task Detail View Hyperlinks
    • Task Locks
    • CICS Fast Menu
    • Temporary Storage Queues
    • Summary Intervals
    • Lock Analysis View
    • Detail Task Views
    • Task History
    • Kill Tasks
    • Application trace
  • Module 5: Resources and File Usage
    • Resource management
    • Resource Menu
    • Files View
    • Line Commands for CFILE
    • Sorting on CFILE
    • Hyperlinks on CFILE
    • CICS File Detail Menu
    • File Attributes
    • CICS File Menu
    • Temporary Storage
    • Volume activity
    • Transactional Resources
    • Network Resources
    • System Resources
    • SUM command
    • Diagnosing Task problems
  • Module 6: Operations in CICS
    • CICS Operations Menu
    • Temp. Storage Queues
    • Cplng. Fac. TS Queues
    • Auto. Init. Descs.
    • Intv. Ctrl. Elements
    • JVM Servers
    • CICS Dumpcodes
    • CDUMPCD View Line Commands
    • CICS Volumes
    • Agent Status
    • CREGAGT View Commands
    • Energizer Status
    • DUMP display