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BMC Helix empowers HR leaders to manage, automate, and scale service delivery intelligently to drive peak efficiency.

Create a transformative HR Service Management experience

  • Intelligent self-service: Empower employees with all the information they need, when they need it, to be highly self-sufficient and productive.
  • HR Engagement Center: Configure all HR services to the employee’s needs.
  • Shared services organization: Supports the optimization of the HR operations, driving resolutions to Tier 0, routing to the right teams based on customer persona and business rules, assisting with accurate escalations and freeing up valuable COE resources.
  • Automation: Provides out-of-the-box automation, including AI/ML and RPA, so use cases can be extended to other areas reducing resolution times. In many cases, it provides no-touch case solutions to free up personnel to focus on strategic initiatives. Automated creation of task bundles based on employee persona and other criteria such as category to ensure the appropriate service is delivered to the employee.
  • Employee journey experiences: Takes common and complex HR processes and enables Service Delivery managers to deploy for rapid time-to-value quickly and easily. Provides 360-degree views of the process for both the employee and the manager, not only ensuring actions are done properly but also delivering consumer-grade experiences. Provides easily configured processes to standardize employee engagement through their HR request journeys. Out-of-the-box HR bundled use cases are provided for some of the most common requests.

Transform HR with intelligent service delivery

Delivering modern workflows and better employee experiences

Service delivery

Seamlessly integrates with systems of record

Successful HR Service Management is all about the employee experience, data, and workflows.

  • The employee is the important part of the equation, and providing an end-to-end fulfillment experience is critical.
  • Most organizations have several existing tools in their ecosystem they need to retain, and our solution is designed to collaborate with, not replace, those tools.
  • Customers utilize our solution on the front end to provide answers, give them access to other lines of business, and have the ability to do complex workflows like onboarding.

This complimentary strategy of using the best tool for the right function is why they choose BMC Helix for HR Service Management.

Employees are consumers—they have come to expect the same self-sufficiency and automation in their workplace.

CSAT Dashboard

HR Engagement Center example

For a business, a better employee experience leads to higher retention and productivity – and more engaged employees. BMC Helix for HR Service Management elevates the Employee Experience by empowering and engaging through:

  • HR Engagement Center
  • Knowledge Management
  • Intelligent self-service
  • Employee Journey Experiences

BMC Helix delivers the critical capabilities required by today’s HR organizations

Case Templates

Document management example

HR requires a foundation that will intelligently grow, scale, and adapt to the evolving needs of the workplace. BMC Helix provides the core features for modern HR service management and intelligent ways of delivering innovative services while delivering exceptional employee experiences.

  • Integrated HR case management
  • Content Solutions
  • Document Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • HR Insights
  • Shared Service Support
  • Automation
  • Administration


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