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BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced 20.x: Fundamentals Catalog Administering - Part 2 (ASP)

BMC Helix Digital Workplace offers two applications, Digital Workplace Client and Digital Workplace Catalog. BMC Digital Workplace Catalog is an enterprise app store solution designed to be the center of your digital workplace. BMC Digital Workplace Catalog integrates with external fulfillment systems through service connectors, custom interfaces to enable communication between the catalog application platform and the different fulfillment systems.

This course provides students with the information and hands-on lab exercises they need to begin configuring BMC Digital Workplace Catalog and creating fundamental services and workflows.

Note: The BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced 20.x: Fundamentals Catalog Administering - Part 3 (ASP) course will cover the additional configuration, connectors, and advance service creation.

Major release:

BMC Helix Digital Workplace 20.x

Good for:


Course Delivery:

Assisted Self Paced (ASP) | 24 hours

Course Modules

  • Introduction to BMC Digital Workplace Catalog and Integrations
    • Describe BMC Digital Workplace Catalog
    • Describe Catalog Product Architecture
    • Describe Product Version Check
    • Describe Roles and Consoles
    • Explain Integration with BMC Digital Workplace
    • Integrate BMC Digital Workplace Catalog with BMC Helix Single Sign-On
    • Describe the User Sync Utility
    • Sync users from Remedy ITSM to Digital Workplace Catalog
    • Enable the Enhanced Catalog
    • Connect your Catalog to External Systems
    • Integrate with Remedy with Smart IT
  • Service Catalog - Preconfiguration
    • Describe Enhanced Service Catalog
    • Create and Manage Service Catalog
    • Create and Manage Service Categories
    • Create and Manage Service Templates
    • Create and Manage Sub-catalog
    • Describe Granular Access to Workflows
  • Service Catalog - Creation
    • Create a New Service
    • Add a Simple Workflow
    • Define Service Level Agreement (SLA)
    • Make Cost and Quantity Adjustments
    • Publish and Approve a Service
    • Describe Service Versions and Revisions
    • Create and Manage Service Versions and Revisions
    • Describe Virtual Marketplace/Entitlements
    • Create and Manage Virtual Marketplace
    • Add Services, Groups, and Users to Virtual Marketplace
    • Distribute Service Items into Virtual Marketplaces as Asset Manager
  • Service Catalog - Fulfillment
    • Service Fulfillment Options
    • Describe External Link Fulfillment
    • Create and Manage External Fulfillment
    • Describe the Workflow Designer
    • Describe Internal Workflow Concepts
    • Understand Workflows
    • Understand Questions
  • Workflow Using Remedy Connector
    • Describe Workflow Best Practices
    • Describe Workflow Actions Available Through the Remedy Connector
    • Create Basic Workflow Using Remedy Connector to Create an Incident, Work Order, and Change Request
    • Create and Manage Questions
    • Add dependent Services
    • Create Basic Workflow with ManagementLevel Approvals
    • Create Basic Workflow with Custom Approval
  • Service Bundles and Banners
    • Describe Bundles
    • Create and Manage Bundles
    • Design and Create Workflow for a Bundles
    • Create Questions for Bundles
    • Create Promotional Banners