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Empower modern developers with automated intelligence to quickly understand, update and troubleshoot complex, monolithic mainframe systems and code.

Overcome fears of updating monolithic mainframe code, confidently increase the speed of innovation.

Welcome to a new era of fast and fearless mainframe application development. Modern developers no longer have to fear making changes to monolithic, complex or outdated mainframe code. Poor documentation and unfamiliar code can be significant roadblocks to quickly delivering innovation, but this is now a thing of the past. BMC AMI DevX Code Insights clears the way for progress by offering intuitive visualizations of mainframe code, helping developers of all experience levels understand interactions, dependencies, and relationships between programs. Break monoliths down into smaller callable components that can be easily checked out, checked in and deployed through modern DevOps tooling.

"Developers often fear making changes to monolithic mainframe applications. They lack the understanding of how these large, complex programs work. Refactoring the code into smaller callable modules provides greater responsiveness to make the changes businesses demand. With automated intelligence to visualize and refactor code, developers can focus on releasing high-quality mainframe applications faster to innovate and accelerate their mainframe transformations." — Katie Norton, IDC senior research analyst, DevOps
Young Developer

Dig deep into monolithic applications' behaviors and interoperability

Monitor runtime execution of your legacy mainframe application, with the ability save and replay the execution trace for deep analysis into program calls, behaviors, and I/O types. With program-level metrics assessments, mainframe teams can quickly identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and other issues impacting program performance.

"As mainframes continue to play a pivotal role in high performance transaction processing, BMC Software is working to include mainframes into end-to-end DevOps. As a leader in this space, BMC are deserving of this award.”

- Alan Shimel, DevOps.com

DevOps Dozen Winner 2023
Breaking Apart Monolithic applications

How breaking apart monolithic applications helps optimize mainframe software delivery

  • Emulate the "green screen" with AMI DevX Workbench
  • Run concurrent workflows and improve agility and velocity
  • Perform "shift-left" testing earlier in the release cycle by isolating logic with known inputs and outputs before testing with the rest of the logic to expose problems sooner
  • Leverage mainframe logic and data through secure APIs
  • Modernize on Java and Git by breaking apart large monoliths to make them easier to work with.
  • See program calls, I/O type, drives and edit/browse sessions from a modern IDE

Tools to fearlessly transform mainframe software delivery

  • Runtime Visualizer: Experience real-time program behavior visualization to truly understand your application’s inner workings.
  • Code Structure and Logic Charts: Access an intuitive flow chart of the program being edited.
  • Data Flow Analysis: Visualize the input and output connections of any variable used in a program.
  • Code Extract: Effortlessly break apart monolithic programs into smaller, more manageable subprograms.
  • Program-Level Metrics Assessment: Assess the program's scope and complexity.
Transform Mainframe Software Delivery

Getting started with BMC AMI DevX Code Insights is easy.