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Transform your DevOps lifecycle with a modern CI/CD environment that streamlines workflows and ensures stability.

Build Mainframe Code with Ease and Security

BMC AMI DevX Code Pipeline is a modern mainframe CI/CD tool that ensures code pipelines are secure, stable, and streamlined throughout the DevOps lifecycle. Developers gain the confidence of knowing they can quickly and safely build, test, and deploy mainframe code.

The tool supports three main interfaces for building mainframe code—Eclipse, VS Code, and the ISPF interface—allowing developers to work in the environment where they're most comfortable and productive.

VS Code Code Pipeline Extension

See concurrent development paths

Streamline Your Testing Process

Automation is at the core of BMC AMI DevX Code Pipeline, reducing manual processes and freeing developers to focus on innovation and optimization. This results in a more efficient, streamlined, and effective deployment process. BMC AMI DevX Code Pipeline provides a smooth "edit, build, test" pipeline that integrates seamlessly with BMC AMI DevX Total Test. This makes testing and debugging a breeze, allowing developers to quickly identify and fix any issues.

Eliminate Manual Errors and Ensure Code Quality

BMC AMI DevX Code Pipeline improves the quality of code releases through the utilization of webhooks and APIs, which seamlessly orchestrate deployment processes with other industry-leading tools. This reduces the need for manual processes, ultimately minimizing the possibility of errors and maximizing efficiency. As a result, deployment times are faster and mainframe code pipelines are more secure and stable.

Impact analysis shows related jobs, programs, and copybooks

“Our release frequency probably went from around 3 months down to about 3 weeks.”

-Jaco “Jakes” Olivier, Technical Specialist, Nedbank

Visibility and control across the development lifecycle

Improve Your Mainframe Code Build Process

BMC Compuware ISPW Simplify Coding

BMC AMI DevX Code Pipeline simplifies your coding and build process by providing rich analysis, automated testing, and deep integrations. Gain visibility across the development lifecycle and update code confidently for agile development. Easy configuration and administration enable enterprise-wide parallel development, a hallmark of enterprise DevOps. Manage mainframe code in the same manner as cloud and mobile applications through integration with Git and use the Code Pipeline VS Code Extension to build in Code Pipeline on the mainframe. Promotion analysis automatically identifies dependencies, allowing for confident deployment of components.

Deploy Changes into Production with Confidence

BMC Compuware ISPW Deployment

BMC AMI DevX Code Pipeline simplifies mainframe code promotion and provides end-to-end visibility across the development cycle. With deep integrations and automated testing, organizations can confidently deploy changes into production faster and with fewer errors. With intuitive dashboards and hierarchical charts, operators can quickly identify issues and take corrective action. Plus, integration with leading DevOps CI/CD tools ensures streamlined and secure deployment across the enterprise.

Automate and Integrate Processes Across Multi-Platform Enterprises

BMC Compuware ISPW Automate Processes

BMC AMI DevX Code Pipeline offers seamless integration with leading DevOps tools like Jenkins and Digital.ai Release, providing a reliable and automated code quality checking and deployment process. Our modern integrations give you visibility into the mainframe, empowering non-mainframe programmers to run and monitor deployments without specialized knowledge. With powerful REST APIs and a CLI, automate DevX Code Pipeline operations like promote, compile, and deploy on the mainframe, while webhook notifications enable you to easily connect and automate with other DevOps tools throughout the code promotion lifecycle. Streamline and improve your cross-platform DevOps toolchain with BMC AMI DevX Code Pipeline.

Modernize and migrate with confidence

BMC Compuware ISPW Migration Expert

With the help of a highly skilled team of experts and state-of-the-art migration tools, you can confidently reduce the time and risk involved in migrating from legacy mainframe SCMs. Our proven methodology has successfully delivered hundreds of migrations, while our Migration Discovery Tool provides a deep understanding of your current SCM environment, streamlining the migration process and minimizing disruption to your business operations.

The ROI of modern mainframe SCM & IDE tools

  • Increase mainframe developer productivity by 175%
  • Increase deployment frequency by 600% without sacrificing quality
  • Reduce onboarding of mainframe development new hires by 50%

"As mainframes continue to play a pivotal role in high performance transaction processing, BMC Software is working to include mainframes into end-to-end DevOps. As a leader in this space, BMC are deserving of this award.”

- Alan Shimel, DevOps.com

DevOps Dozen Winner 2023

Getting started with BMC AMI DevX Code Pipeline is easy.