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Cross-platform enterprise data management made easy

BMC AMI DevX File-AID is a comprehensive, streamlined data management solution that reduces IT costs, increases developer productivity and self-sufficiency, and empowers DevOps teams to deliver business value faster by enabling higher quality test cycles in less time.

Access and Manipulate Multiple Different Dataset Types

BMC AMI DevX File-AID empowers developers to edit and browse IBM Db2®, IBM IMS, SQL Server, Oracle, and VSAM files seamlessly. With intuitive navigation and powerful search capabilities, developers can easily find, view and edit data across multiple platforms.

IBM Db2®, IBM IMS should be IBM® Db2®, IBM® IMS

Easy to read graphical compare summary

Quickly and Accurately Compare Data Files and Objects

With BMC AMI DevX File-AID, developers can perform graphical comparisons of data files and objects with a few clicks. The easy-to-read graphical compare summary provides a quick overview of differences and similarities, while detailed compare results allow developers to view and resolve issues quickly.

Efficiently Search and Update Specific Values

BMC AMI DevX File-AID provides a powerful search and update capability that enables developers to find and modify specific values in different dataset types, including Db2, IMS, SQL Server, Oracle, and VSAM files.

View detailed compare results

Spend more time developing and less time managing problems

Reduce time spent on test data management

Test Data Management

With BMC AMI DevX File-AID, you can drastically reduce the time spent on test data management. Our software provides access to all standard file types, regardless of record length or format, making application integration a breeze. You can compare data files or objects to simplify the test results validation process, reformat files easily by modifying an existing file format, and extract and load related subsets of data from multiple databases and files. With our precise application test data selection, you can ensure all test conditions are met, and you can customize test data for a particular application and specific conditions. Plus, with automation tools like Jenkins, you can streamline these activities effortlessly.

Get powerful IMS test data management

IMS Data Management

With BMC AMI DevX File-AID for IMS, streamline your development process by efficiently accessing and managing IMS data. This tool offers a range of powerful selection, search, and editing capabilities with secure, managed access to IMS data. You can easily browse, navigate, and edit IMS data, create subsets, and perform flexible batch processing. Plus, you can easily export data to other applications for seamless integration. You can also optimize your test data management and make the most of your development resources.

Take charge of your Db2 test data

Db2 Data Management

Get full control of your Db2 test data with BMC AMI DevX File-AID for Db2®. This powerful tool enables you to manage Db2 objects without coding SQL, and easily create, populate, customize, refresh and authorize them. With an integration with BMC AMI DevX Abend-AID, you can diagnose and resolve Db2 data problems quickly using hot keys. Browse and edit Db2 data, manage objects, and gauge the impact of column changes with ease, all in one place.

Get the data you need

Related Test Data Management

With BMC AMI DevX File-AID/RDX and BMC AMI DevX File-AID for IMS, developers and database administrators can quickly extract, load, protect and delete synchronized subsets of related Db2, MVS and IMS data. Easily select the precise application test data you need, customize it for specific conditions, and automate these activities using tools you already own. Gain more control of your Db2 extracts from the most recent full image copy using IBM Db2 Batch Utility (DSNUTILB) and streamline your test data extraction and loading.

"As mainframes continue to play a pivotal role in high performance transaction processing, BMC Software is working to include mainframes into end-to-end DevOps. As a leader in this space, BMC are deserving of this award.”

- Alan Shimel, DevOps.com

DevOps Dozen Winner 2023



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Getting started with BMC AMI DevX File-AID is easy.