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What's New in Mainframe Solutions

Learn what’s in our October 2023 release

Featured Innovations

  • Harness the power of machine learning (ML) to spot trends, patterns, and anomalies to enhance workflows, improve code quality, and boost deployment frequency
  • Unlock the full potential of mainframe development by better understanding and working with large, complex, poorly documented programs
  • Convert your virtual storage access method (VSAM) files to Innovation Access Method (IAM) files for enhanced performance, reduced MIPS usage, minimized DASD requirements, and improved response times in IBM® CICS® and batch applications
  • Measure the ROI of a database reorg based on application performance, provide management-level visibility into utility consumption, leverage enhanced IBM® Db2® history table data, and enjoy up to 9.5x faster recovery and 64 percent lower CPU usage than industry-standard benchmarks
  • Optimize your mainframe's certificate management through automation, ensuring controlled access, error elimination, uptime protection, and accelerated application deployment
Featured Innovation

Enable continuous improvement using ML dashboards

Continuously improve the software development lifecycle with ML dashboards from BMC AMI zAdviser Enterprise. Unlock the power of ML to spot trends and patterns that hinder improvement. Gain actionable insights to improve development workflows, influence developer behavior, and achieve results like higher quality code and increased deployment frequency.

  • Get insights into DevOps tool adoption and product usage to assess ROI
  • Optimize resource allocation to enhance continuous improvement initiatives
  • Track meaningful key performance indicators (KPIs) like DORA Metrics (deployment frequency, lead time, mean time to recover (MTTR), and change failure rate)
  • Safeguard mainframe operations with timely insight into batch and CICS abends to protect code quality
  • Improve MTTR and resource allocation between innovation and bug fixing
Enable Continious improvement

Product Adoption Dashboards

Utilize detailed telemetry data to gain insights into DevOps tool adoption and product usage to assess the ROI of software investments.

SDLC Dashboards

Gain granular insights into mainframe software development lifecycle (SDLC) tasks (debugging, testing, IDE adoption) to optimize resource allocation and enhance continuous improvement efforts.

KPI Dashboards

Monitor critical mainframe software development KPIs (productivity, quality, deployment frequency, lead time, mean time to restore service, and change failure rate) to drive continuous improvement.

Anomaly Detection Dashboard

Proactively safeguard mainframe operations with timely insights into batch and CICS® abends and protect code quality by detecting excessive changes in application code introduced in the development process.

IT Service Management (ITSM) Insights

Capture ITSM data to optimize MTTR and resource allocation between innovation and bug fixing, enhancing IT service delivery and customer satisfaction.

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Eliminate two-speed development cycles for mainframe and distributed systems

Deliver mainframe development enhancements just as quickly as distributed counterparts—and at business speed—by making it faster and easier to examine enormous, complex, and poorly documented mainframe applications.

  • Streamline mainframe development by dissecting large COBOL programs into smaller, more manageable subprograms to enhance code hygiene and accelerate the development process
  • Boost developer confidence, giving developers the tools to understand, edit, and test their code changes effectively
  • Ensure mainframe and distributed teams operate at the same speed, driving innovation without bottlenecks and maximizing the value you get from your mainframe
Eliminate two-speed development cycles

Outperform VSAM across the board

Unlock heightened performance for CICS and batch applications by transitioning from VSAM to IAM, resulting in reduced I/O and CPU utilization. Achieve cost optimization through IAM's cutting-edge file structure and advanced buffering techniques, significantly lowering MIPS consumption. Ensure seamless high availability in Sysplex environments with IAM/PLEX, offering support for planned maintenance upgrades and automated failure detection, guaranteeing uninterrupted operations.

  • Enhance performance for CICS and batch applications
  • Reduce cost and optimize MIPS consumption
  • Improve high availability with Sysplex
Outperform VSAM

Boost database performance, ROI, and decision-making

Measure the ROI of a database reorganization through application performance gains and achieve management-level visibility into IBM® Db2® utility consumption. Leverage enhanced Db2 history data for intelligent decision-making, while enjoying 9.5x faster recovery and 64 percent less CPU usage.

  • Harness BMC AMI Data for Db2® to optimize your reorganization efforts by measuring ROI based on application performance with BMC AMI Utility Manager and BMC AMI Apptune; gain an executive-level view into utilities usage for strategic decision-making with BMC AMI Utilities for Db2®; benefit from enriched historical data; and accelerate your recovery time by up to 9.5x with up to 64 percent reduced CPU usage as compared to industry-standard benchmarks using BMC AMI Recover for Db2®
  • Leverage BMC AMI Data for IMS to elevate your database performance with zero downtime with BMC AMI Online Reorg for IMS, get quick insights into your IMS Resource Manager data through a user-friendly dashboard, and enjoy a more comfortable visual experience with the new dark mode feature with BMC AMI Database Advisor for IMS
BMC AMI Utilities for Db2 Dashboard

Automate certificate management on the mainframe

Guard against malicious connections to and from the mainframe, establish strict access controls, and proactively neutralize threats with the enhanced integration of BMC AMI Security and Venafi.

  • Harness the power of automated certificate management to seamlessly bridge the mainframe with your enterprise environment
  • Prevent compromise at the certificate level before an attacker can gain the access needed to conduct a devastating attack such as ransomware
  • Protect your uptime by eliminating certificate-related outages on applications
  • Speed application deployment by automatically securing keys and certificates without breaking DevOps practices
Automate Certificate Management