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BMC AMI Storage Management

High-Performance Storage Management solutions

Your organization’s z/OS DASD environments house your most critical data and represent a significant strategic investment. With BMC AMI Storage Management solutions, you can ensure these storage subsystems are optimized for resource utilization, performance, and resilience with full protection for your data.

Safeguard your mission critical data by optimizing your storage management procedures

  • Monitor, analyze, and automate storage allocation for efficiency and optimization
  • Ensure business continuity for production applications and disaster recovery
  • Consistently execute volume and data set reorganizations to ensure optimal resource utilization
  • Use health checking and customizable reports to regularly analyze storage environments

Key capabilities


  • Full-volume and dataset backups and restores
  • Restore datasets in their entirety or selectively by data set name or VSAM cluster
  • Print contents of DASD data tracks including physical layout of each track, physical record, and key field
  • Create Stand Alone Restore (SAR), an IPL-able program to restore FDR full-volume backups when an operating system is unavailable
  • Use the SAR to setup a new data center by restoring backups of volumes prepared at another site


  • Automates the execution of FDR full-volume and data set backups and restores
  • A powerful suite of flexible and high-performance z/OS DASD backup and recovery tools
  • Suite includes capabilities for managing volume and incremental backup, application backup, data archive, migration, and space management
  • FDRABR also includes FDREPORT for storage management reporting


  • Draws information from a multitude of sources to produce customized reports on storage-related information
  • Contains a set of pre-defined health-check reports that provide a snapshot of critical mainframe storage statistics
  • Reports can be tailored to Storage Administrators, Operations Support, Data Analysts, Data Security and Audit Specialists
  • Information is viewable in z/OS Batch reports and TSO/ISPF displays


  • Creates point-in-time copies of online source volumes and data sets while source volumes are still available for updates
  • Rapidly creates data set copies within the same storage subsystem
  • Enhances full volume and data set backup, data set copying, and FDRABR incremental backups


Ensures storage volumes are operating at maximum performance and efficiency

  • Consolidates free space into one or two contiguous areas to ensure data set allocation is placed on the right disks with correct primary and secondary allocations
  • Merges extents from sequential, PDS, PDSE, VSAM, and extended format VSAM data sets and releases all or part of the unused space


  • Fast, flexible, and intelligent VSAM data set reorganization
  • Reorganizes VSAM KSDS, alternate index (AIX) files, IAM and IAM AIX files, and PDS files
  • Provides data set reorganization for IAM files while data sets are open for updating in CICS regions
  • Significantly faster than VSAM IDCAMs reorganization, providing a 20 to 60 percent reduction in wall clock, CPU time, and I/O operations (EXCP) compared to VSAM IDCAMs

BMC AMI Storage Allocation

  • Reduces the cost of storage management and improves data availability
  • Ensures proper allocation of critical application data sets
  • Reports on disk and tape allocation exceptions within the DFSMS infrastructure
  • Includes the BMC AMI Storage StopX37/II functionality

BMC AMI Storage StopX37/II

  • Operates at the system level to intercept abend conditions and standards violations
  • Prevents space abends, NO CATLG2 and JCL errors, and unitialized data set errors
  • Reduces primary and secondary space allocations and enhances data set allocation efficiency
  • Included with BMC AMI Storage Allocation

BMC AMI Storage Automation

  • Diagnoses storage issues and initiates automated recovery procedures
  • Maximizes data availability to control costs
  • Sends notifications when thresholds and defined storage conditions are reached

BMC AMI Storage Reporting

  • Provides views and reports to safeguard the health of storage subsystems
  • Uses performance thresholds to trigger automated tasks to optimize the storage environment
  • Gathers real-time and historical data on pools, volumes, data sets, and VTOCs for daily storage management tasks

Getting started with BMC AMI Storage Management is easy