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BMC Helix Automation Console

Use advanced analytics and automation to quickly remediate vulnerabilities and ensure compliance

BMC Helix Automation Console (previously Vulnerability Management) simplifies patching, quickly remediates security vulnerabilities, and ensures compliance using automation and advanced analytics.

Quickly close security vulnerabilities and remediate out-of-compliance conditions

  • Captures and consolidates vulnerability scanner data into actionable information using advanced analytics
  • Maps vulnerabilities to servers and patches, identifies severity and business services exposed, schedules remediation, and takes automated corrective action
  • Provides real-time visibility to security vulnerabilities, vulnerabilities on unmapped assets, missing patches, and misconfigured resources
  • State-of-the-art, simplified patching for ease-of-use and rapid remediation of vulnerabilities
  • Automates compliance with regulations and internal policies to be always audit-ready

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Use analytics and automated remediation to keep up with security vulnerabilities and maintain compliance

Automate the collection, analysis, and remediation of security vulnerabilities and out-of-compliance conditions

Director of Security and Compliance
  • Automatically import, consolidate, and analyze security vulnerability scanner data
  • Take automated corrective action based on vulnerability risk scoring, priorities, and business services exposed to protect data and maintain uptime
  • Leverage drill-down capability for near real-time visibility into patch and vulnerability status, with actionable dashboards for data filtering and executing remediation tasks
  • Vulnerability noise reduction prevents viewing vulnerabilities that have already been closed
  • Vulnerability exception management and customized tagging improves ease of use and efficiency
  • Blind spot detection and closed-loop change and configuration management
  • Automate compliance with regulations (SOX, HIPAA, PCI, CISA, DISA) and internal policies to prevent audit failures and out-of-compliance conditions

Close more security vulnerabilities in less time with simplified patching

Enterprise Architect
  • Leverage state-of-the-art automation console to create patch workflows with just a few clicks
  • Simplify the patching of Windows and Linux servers by using policy-based patching and reduce number of patch deployment jobs required
  • Obtain visibility into vulnerabilities, severities, SLAs, trends, and remediation status using specialized patch dashboards

Getting started with BMC Helix Automation Console is easy