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Service assurance and optimization helps enterprises intelligently and continuously optimize resources to deliver service and operational excellence that exceeds customer expectations, minimizes risk, and reduces capital and operational spend.

Ensure service and operational excellence

As organizations adopt new technologies to deliver scalable services faster and more reliably, continuous IT resource optimization and service assurance have become major challenges. Proactively plan, manage, and optimize on-premises, SaaS, and modern Kubernetes and containerized applications to keep pace with business demand.

  • Deeper insight: Increase visibility into risk, efficiency, costs, and overall health and status for business services and applications with self-service and consolidated business service views, "what-if" simulations, and automated alerts
  • Intelligence and automation: Automate optimization recommendations and actions based on AI-fueled insights and machine learning to ensure accurate right-sizing of resources through performance comparisons across on-premises and SaaS resources
  • Modernization: Determine the optimum allocation of your Kubernetes Pods across multiple clouds and identify problems related to saturation or over allocation of resources to help right-size Pod workloads

BMC Helix Cloud Migration Simulator

Reduce the time, complexity, and costs of migrating servers and workloads to the cloud and improve the accuracy of your planning process. With the BMC Helix Cloud Migration Simulator, a free service for everyone, you can compare the costs and resource requirements of service providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud to evaluate and right-size workload migrations.

Like what you see? Upgrade to BMC Helix Continuous Optimization to:

  • Reduce cost and budget overruns and improve service assurance by accurately aligning resources with business demand
  • Perform “what if” data migration simulations by entering your current cost of running servers, workloads, storage, operating systems, and more and comparing them to cloud options

Meet changing demand with proactive resource management

Visualize business service resources and costs

Helix Optimize Visualize

Service assurance and continuous optimization provide ongoing visibility to the entire IT infrastructure—physical, virtual, cloud, Kubernetes, Pods, microservices, and container-based applications. You’ll gain insights into the risk, use, performance, and providers of IT resources with the ability to drill down to the device level. Integration with BMC Helix Discovery and your CMDB provide a consistent view of resource usage and cost.

  • With consolidated views of overall health and status of business services, application and infrastructure metrics provide insights into the risk, efficiency, and cost of the resources running a service
  • Self-service dashboards and custom views that keep stakeholders informed of the state of technology resources running their business services, applications, and environments
  • Exception-based reporting that alerts on anomalous conditions that could lead to business interruption

Optimize IT resource and spend

Helix Optimize Visualize

With AI-fueled intelligence, machine learning, and analytics, your resource and cost optimization opportunities are automatically identified. Automated actions for right-sizing resources and terminating unused resources, such as idle virtual machines, can be taken to immediately obtain cost savings. Integration with BMC Helix Intelligent Automation provides proactive brokering of AI & ML recommendations to achieve resource optimization and manage risk.

  • Dynamically optimize infrastructure resources for the varying demands of your applications including those based on Kubernetes, microservices, containers, and Pods
  • Right-size on-premises and cloud resources with automated recommendations and visualize before and after usage models
  • Terminate and reclaim unused resources based on automated recommendations with historical explanations of resource use
  • Adjust resource configurations with predictive saturation alerts and notifications
  • Resolve resource constraints using business KPIs and prevent business service disruption

Plan for changes in business demand

Helix Optimize Plan

Use predictive analytics and business KPIs to determine the IT resources you need to support increases in business demand due to special events or business growth. “What-if” modeling provides insight into the best resource configuration, location, and cost so you can make an informed decision and prevent application performance slowdowns or failures.

  • Plan and simulate workload migrations to the cloud with right-sized recommendations along with cost and performance comparisons
  • Plan for changes in business demand with correlation analysis and the impact of resource modifications on business KPIs
  • Determine the optimum allocation of your Kubernetes pods with “what-if” workload simulations to identify potential bottlenecks and capacity issues while specifying expected growth of resources with forecast charts
  • Reserve resources for new applications and business services with a calendar view of committed and available resources
  • Migrate data from BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization or BMC Helix Capacity Optimization to BMC Helix Continuous Optimization with an out-of-the-box migration toolkit

Get started with service assurance and optimization