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Proactively manage Fast Path data entry databases (DEDBs) to ensure availability, recoverability, data integrity, and performance.

Simplify and automate Fast Path maintenance, enable secondary indexes, and restructure DEDBs online

IMS Fast Path data entry databases (DEDBs) provide superior transaction throughput, manageability, capacity, and speed. With BMC AMI Fast Path for IMS you can:

  • Reorganize, analyze, and take image copies of DEDBs concurrently and with one I/O, while the DEDB remains online
  • Extend DEDBs without taking them offline
  • Ensure data integrity and recoverability even during an IMS cold start

Intelligently optimize your Fast Path databases

Reorganize and restructure with no outage


With BMC AMI Fast Path solutions you can:

  • Reorganize only the parts of the database that need reorganization
  • Dramatically reduce logging overhead for online reorganizations
  • Change the structure of a DEDB while it is online: add, remove, or resize areas; change randomizing routines; modify segment lengths; create SDEP segments; or add segments at the end of hierarchical paths

Backup, recover, and restart


Ensure recoverability – even during an IMS cold start

  • Back up DEDBs with no outage and ensure recoverability and integrity
  • Provide robust image copy options including stacked image copy data sets, multiple output image copies, and compressed output image copies
  • Analyze the area during image copy
  • Ensure the integrity of IMS databases and system data sets during the restart of an IMS control region

Index and analyze to accelerate throughput


Maximize availability, performance, and integrity for Fast Path databases, and improve throughput by enabling indexing.

  • Analyze DEDBs performance, space usage, and physical attributes with no outage
  • Gain insight into DEDB status by viewing interactive displays of current and historical information about jobs, databases, database partitions, data sets, and segments
  • Model the effect of a potential DEDB change before implementing it
  • Increase transaction throughput with direct access to data by implementing secondary indexes

Getting started with BMC AMI Fast Path for IMS is easy