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What's New in Mainframe Solutions

Learn what's in our July 2021 release

Featured Innovations

  • The fastest route to mainframe data is through privileged accounts, supervisor and credentialed call activities. Only BMC AMI Security can alert and automatically respond to unusual privileged user activity to uncover malicious activity before a compromise can occur.
  • Give your teams access to automated DevOps tools that increase developer productivity, enable agility, and promote retention. Check out new DevOps capabilities in BMC Compuware ISPW and BMC AMI DevOps for Db2® that turn your mainframe into a hub of innovation.
  • Go beyond mere visibility into Java-based tools. With new capabilities in BMC AMI Ops Monitor for Java Environments your teams can take diagnostic actions against Java Virtual Machines to find issues faster when using tools like z/OS Connect.
  • Your mainframe needs to be available 24x7 for customer data demands. Manage zIIP utilization to minimize the impact of utilities with BMC AMI Utilities for Db2®.
  • The new Workflow WiZard tool from BMC has been accepted as part of the Open Mainframe Project’s Zowe framework. Workflow WiZard makes the job of developers and systems programmers easier by streamlining the installation, configuration, and maintenance of IBM and ISV z/OS software products.

BMC AMI & BMC Compuware Capabilities

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BMC AMI Security

Harden Security

BMC AMI Security protects and defends your mainframe and the data it houses from internal and external threats with expert-level indicators of compromise and automated response. New capabilities enable users to:

  • Be alerted and automatically respond if credential theft, insider threats, or weakened security has left your mainframe vulnerable
  • Leverage unique data enrichment and real-time detection for faster remediation
  • Automatically respond to threat events involving privileged user accounts
Sandbox Assignment Topaz

Accelerate Innovation

Modernize and automate mainframe software development and delivery while increasing quality, velocity, and efficiency through a mainframe-inclusive DevOps toolchain.

  • Simplify and reduce errors when setting up CI/CD pipelines through a BMC Compuware ISPW/GitHub Actions integration
  • Develop/test changes in parallel within a dedicated sandbox
  • Automate and orchestrate deployments across multiple environments with an ISPW/HCL Launch integration
  • Improve automated testing with REST services

BMC Compuware ISPW

Easily create CI/CD pipelines and automate activities in the SDLC with GitHub Actions. Simplify cross-platform deployment using one source of control with HCL Launch. Use Git to develop/test changes in parallel within a dedicated sandbox without impacting others' work.

BMC Compuware Topaz for Enterprise Data

Improve the data editing experience for z/OS files with improved copy/paste functionality. For z/OS files, display actual record number and allow positioning the data display directly to a specified key when editing a z/OS keyed file.

BMC Topaz Workbench

Use Topaz Editors to easily copy data to and from the mainframe as part of a DevOps pipeline.

BMC Compuware Topaz for Total Test

Flexibly integrate testing with other test data management solutions by calling REST services. Orchestrate and execute BMC Compuware Hiperstation scripts from a modern IDE and with CLI pipeline support.

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BMC AMI OPS Monitor for Java Environments

Empower Resilience

Transform mainframe operations with predictive intelligence and automated probable cause analysis to increase uptime and improve availability.

  • Take diagnostic actions against Java Virtual Machines to quickly identify and fix Java application performance issues
  • Manage and automate IBM® System Z® consoles with additional efficiency
  • Ensure early detection of issues impacting mainframe system health while reducing false positives

BMC AMI Ops Monitor for Java Environments

Optimize Java performance with the ability to take diagnostic actions against Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) such as Core Dumps, Heap Dumps, and Stack Trace to find issues faster.

BMC AMI Console Management

A REST API can now be used to manage saved configurations, allowing for programmatic management and consistency. Usability enhancements include the ability to quickly filter console sessions, select the session/s needed and take action on multiple items.

BMC AMI Ops Monitor for CMF

Customers who use standard RMF interfaces to access CMF can do so without having to go into another product.

BMC Compuware Storage Backup and Recovery: FDRWEB

Work with the CSV reports (e.g. Excel) without leaving FDRWEB. Gather data from multiple sources more easily with expanded email alerts.

BMC Compuware Storage Performance: IAM

Obtain full IAM statistics during a simulated load of the IAM file to determine whether the existing data is evenly distributed—important when splitting an existing large IAM file into smaller files.

BMC AMI Ops Insight

Set a breach limit value to allow for early warning of a problem without excessive false-positive alerts.

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HCL Launch

Optimize Ecosystem

Ensure your infrastructure and its data is always available while empowering DevOps collaboration with advanced database change management.

  • Automatically capture and propagate database changes across Db2® environments with an HCL Launch plug-in for database DevOps
  • Manage zIIP utilization to minimize the impact of utilities and better manage production workloads to help ensure mainframe availability for customer data requests
  • Gain a better understanding of Db2 and IMS environments to make tasks easier for less experienced DBAs and Systems Administrators

BMC AMI Utilities for Db2

Scale BMC AMI Utilities for Db2's use of zIIP engines to minimize the impact of utilities by setting a value of 1 to 100%. By sending only the pre-determined amount of work to the zIIPs, usage can be controlled, ensuring mainframe availability.

BMC AMI DevOps for Db2

Automatically capture and propagate database changes across Db2 environments, while enforcing DevOps best practices through an integration with HCL Launch.

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“The Open Mainframe Project is home to several of the largest vendors in mainframe. Their commitment to collaborate on projects that tackle a diverse range of challenges cements the idea that the present and future of mainframe is open source. The Open Mainframe Project’s Zowe framework is part of a broader initiative to make z/OS more accessible. We appreciate BMC’s contributions to Zowe and look forward to greater participation in the community.” — John Mertic, Director of Program Management at the Linux Foundation

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