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BMC and Amazon Web Services (AWS): Amplify Your IT Capabilities

Combine BMC's enterprise AI with AWS's cloud services for IT operational excellence.

Leverage BMC's AIOps solutions and AWS infrastructure for efficient IT operations. Streamline your cloud strategy with AI-powered analytics, migration planning, resource management, and workflow orchestration. Harness predictive insights for a smarter, data-oriented cloud approach.

Why AWS for BMC Solutions

How does Amazon Web Services enhance BMC Helix?

BMC's collaboration with AWS, especially within the GovCloud, significantly enhances our SaaS offerings. By harnessing AWS's GovCloud, BMC provides solutions that are compliant with rigorous federal standards, including Impact Level 4 (IL4) and Impact Level 5 (IL5), which are crucial for protected workloads in the public sector. This unique aspect ensures that we meet stringent regulatory and compliance requirements while delivering peak performance.

Moreover, the inherent elasticity of AWS allows BMC to dynamically scale resources. As customer workflows fluctuate, we can swiftly adjust our service provision to align with demand. This elastic scalability ensures that our solutions are not only compliant but also optimally efficient and cost-effective, providing a competitive edge in public sector service delivery.

Customer-Centric Benefits

Embark on a transformative journey into the future of IT operations with BMC's AIOps-enhanced solutions on the AWS cloud platform. Experience the power of artificial intelligence as it intersects with the limitless capabilities of cloud computing, enabling your business to scale swiftly and manage operations responsibly. Are you ready to learn how BMC on AWS can be the catalyst for your business's evolution? Let's explore the benefits.

  • Migration planning and cost efficiency

    Plan and configure your AWS infrastructure to ensure optimal performance and cost efficiency.

    • Migrate workloads to AWS with right-sizing recommendations to estimate future costs
    • Accurately forecast the growth and impact of business drivers against existing capacity
    • Optimize resources to support Kubernetes, microservices, pods, and container-based applications
    • Discover over-utilized and under-utilized resources
  • Monitoring and observability

    Proactively improve the performance and availability of AWS services across public, private, or hybrid AWS environments.

    • Integrates into AWS services to consume and aggregate AWS CloudWatch data and other monitoring sources to provide a unified view
    • See service health and enable best-in-class root cause isolation
    • Create actionable situations by improving signal-to-noise ration with artificial intelligence (AI) event suppression, deduplication, and correlation
    • Prevent issues before they occur with business service health monitoring and AI outage prediction
  • Dynamic service modeling

    Discover and model your cloud services running in AWS, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments.

    • 60+ AWS services discovered out of the box
    • Enable IT teams to fully leverage AIOps and machine learning (ML) to perform anomaly detection, root cause analysis, cost optimization, and service management
    • Detect blind spots, locate back door entry points, and identify vulnerabilities
    • Discover assets and their dependencies from any starting point
    • Simplify the discovery of multiple AWS accounts with minimal configuration and management overhead using AWS Organizations
  • Application workflow orchestration

    Orchestrate complex application workflows and data pipelines across your AWS environments and beyond.

    • Deliver data-driven outcomes in production faster, managing data pipelines in a scalable way
    • Simplify workflows across hybrid and multi-cloud environments
    • Accelerate new applications into production with embedded workflow orchestration in the continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline


Unlock the full potential of your mainframe data with BMC AMI Cloud's innovative solutions. Embrace a future where cloud agility meets the unparalleled reliability of mainframe systems. Our suite of tools is designed to facilitate seamless data migration, enhance security, and optimize storage in a cost-effective manner. Discover how the fusion of BMC's expertise with cloud technology can elevate your data management and operational excellence.

  • BMC AMI Cloud Data
    • Optimize your backup and disaster recovery with cloud and hybrid solutions.
    • Transition from costly tape systems to more efficient cloud storage options.
    • Achieve faster data transfer speeds, ensuring high-performance management over TCP/IP.
  • BMC AMI Cloud Vault
    • Enhance your data resilience against cyberthreats and ransomware with cloud-based storage.
    • Protect and encrypt your data end-to-end, from compression to cloud restore.
    • Implement multiple copies in the cloud for a robust, immutable data protection strategy.
  • BMC AMI Cloud Analytics
    • Make your mainframe data actionable and accessible for modern AI/ML analytics tools.
    • Transform data into open formats, facilitating seamless integration with cloud services.
    • Empower decision-making with AI/ML applications leveraging cloud-based mainframe data.

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