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The Autonomous Digital Enterprise

Evolve and stay competitive in an ever-shifting, disruptive world

Organizations must embrace intelligent, tech-enabled systems across every facet of the business to thrive during seismic changes—in short, become an Autonomous Digital Enterprise.

ADE Operating Model

Becoming an Autonomous Digital Enterprise

A growth-oriented Autonomous Digital Enterprise delivers value with competitive differentiation enabled by agility, customer centricity, and actionable insights. To be successful, organizations must develop new operating models enabled by key technologies that:

  • Deliver a transcendent customer experience
  • Apply automation everywhere
  • Support enterprise DevOps
  • Drive data-based business outcomes
  • Safeguard the organization through adaptive cybersecurity
Transcendent Customer Experience

Transcendent Customer Experience

Give customers and employees what they need by making technology feel more human:

  • Enable rich do-it-yourself experiences backed by human expertise
  • Recognize mobile devices as the primary channel for interaction
  • Leverage analytics and orchestration for a frictionless experience

Automation Everywhere

Embrace hyperautomation, operations automation, and enterprise service management to drive highly automated business processes. In an Autonomous Digital Enterprise, automation is a complementary business function that works with – not in place of – humans. By exploiting automation organizations can:

  • Execute faster with fewer errors
  • Free up employees from mundane tasks
  • Lower costs while improving customer interaction
Enterprise DevOps

Enterprise DevOps

Drive continuous improvement by pushing the principles of DevOps to surrounding processes including release planning, change management, and production operations to:

  • Drive business agility
  • Optimize for rapid continuous delivery of applications and services
  • Embrace cultural and behavioral change to create a frictionless environment for success
Data Driven

Data-Driven Business

Create value from and monetize assets by adopting a data mindset and supporting a systematic approach to data strategy, architecture, operations, and execution. A data-centric mindset will allow businesses to:

  • Extract data from IoT, social media, and customer engagement systems
  • Employ AI and ML to optimize, improve, guide, and execute actions
  • Monetize data assets with high-value business use cases
Adaptive Cybersecurity

Adaptive Cybersecurity

Develop security functions that can automatically sense, detect, and respond to access requests, authentication needs, threats from within and outside, and meet regulatory compliance. This requires organizations to:

  • Combine AI-enabled solutions with a crowdsourcing environment to detect threats
  • Employ DevSecOps to bridge the gap between development, security, and operations teams
  • Adopt mature access and authentication practices within a Zero Trust framework
ADE Operating Model

Why an Autonomous Digital Enterprise?

Pervasive connectivity, data proliferation, technology-led innovation, and radically different customer preferences are sparking the Fourth Industrial Revolution. BMC’s Enterprise 2025 vision sees every industry will experience seismic changes as people, technologies, data, devices, and an ever-expanding network converge to transform all work and life.

  • Edge computing/IoT will enable next-generation digital business applications
  • People will take on new roles that require human ingenuity and creativity
  • Customers will expect a more do-it-yourself customer experience backed by AI
"As the role of technology continues to grow in importance in the management and operations of every company, AI-driven automation will be the key in managing the complexity and scale for every organization." — Ayman Sayed, BMC President and CEO

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