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MainView Batch Optimizer

MainView Batch Optimizer

Faster batch processing

Enjoy vastly improved batch job runtimes with the help of MainView Batch Optimizer. Gain valuable insight into your mainframe batch-processing environment, and use that insight to run your jobs at peak efficiency. With this solution you will:

  • Drastically reduce the amount of input/output (I/O) needed for mainframe batch processing jobs.
  • Process multiple jobs concurrently, instead of relying on slower, more costly serial processing.
  • Identify areas in your batch-processing environment where you can achieve the greatest elapsed-time savings.

Dynamic, targeted optimization

MainView Batch Optimizer delivers an easy-to-use set of tools for streamlining your mainframe batch processing. Locate the batch jobs most in need of I/O optimization with the dynamic optimization utility, then take advantage of powerful job piping features, which allow you to process multiple jobs and data steps concurrently.

Optimization candidate utility

Pinpoint the batch jobs that will most benefit from I/O optimization using the solution’s Candidate Utility.

Job piping technology

Execute batch jobs concurrently—instead of using slower, more costly serial processing—with the ability to pipe file I/O between batch processes.

Adaptive processing

Adjust your buffer values and processing techniques dynamically, to suit changing system conditions.

Support for many data set types

Optimize VSAM, QSAM, BSAM, and BPAM data sets, as well as the buffer values for tape, PDS members, and striped data sets.

Advanced LSR capabilities

Build Local Shared Resource (LSR) buffer pools, dynamically switch to LSR processing for random access, and perform read-ahead for faster sequential access during LSR processing.

Improved performance, reduced costs

  • Maximize elapsed-time savings for a wide variety of programs, access methods, and file types.
  • Automatically adapt your processing techniques to suit current system conditions.
  • Postpone costly CPU upgrades by getting the most out of your current resources.

“BMC does a good job of taking care of customers. When we call with a problem, we get help right away…And BMC’s continued investment in developing the solutions assures us that we’ve picked the right partner.”

— Jerry Kolb, Manager of Systems and Operations, CTS